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About Sean Moore


Giving.  I understand that as a Realtor you hire me to represent your interest as an expert in the field.  I also understand that my time is money.  I have established systems that keep me focused on the tasks at hand. I prioritize all business towards my clients that are looking for immediate results whether buying or selling.  I have the opportunity to give back to the community that has rewarded me 10 fold in my business and find myself involved in lots of volunteering opportunities each week.

Experience.  I have held my real estate license for 7 years, but in that time I have done more transactions than the average 20 year veteran.  With every transaction you gain insight into what can and will go wrong.  I stay on top of the red flag issues to insure a smooth closing in the end.  I believe in full up front disclosure and all information to make an educated decision.  My background in construction, development and negotiations gives me an edge.

Technology.  Though I don’t promote it in my marketing, I know that I am probably the most tech savvy agent in my region.  I believe my knowledge with computers, internet marketing, and task specific software keeps me ahead of the competition.  Each year I am contacted by national trade organizations to speak on and teach my expertise of what technology can do for ones business.

More.  My slogan is “Get Moore”.  When asked what I mean by this I explain that I go above and beyond the normal practices.  When I represent a seller, I provide more marketing techniques and expenses than the competition.  I believe in hitting the market at 110% force with state of the art high definition video tours, to scale digital floor plans, captivating internet marketing with property specific websites and stealth lead capture systems to attract buyers directly to that property.  When working with a buyer, I exhaust all means I know how in researching the property they are interested in, the sellers motivations and even the agent we are about to go up against.

Opportunity.  After leaving a 10 year police career for a life of self employment I got first-hand experience with the meaning of Opportunity.  In looking back at my quickly found success in real estate amongst a crashing market, I realized I put myself out there.  I was by no means a “secret agent”.  I let my market know that I am here to earn your business and grow to be there for life with my clients.  This means long hours working 7 days a week to keep up.  But don’t get me wrong, I believe hard work earns hard play and I am very fortunate to get to travel the globe with my wife and 7 year old triplets on a regular basis!

Optimistic.  Have you ever dealt with that “the glass is half empty” person.  Well, that’s not me!  Though I understand that with all the good there will be some bad in business, I look at every venture as an opportunity for the future.  I understand the meaning of life, the market place, and most of all “Business by Referral”.  The fact that over 80% of my volume is referral based speaks for itself. The other 20% I attribute to my aggressive internet marketing strategies.  I think my statement of “I don’t need your business, I want to earn your business” sums it all up.

Real.  I lay it all out there… up front.  I do not put on a false face or give unrealistic expectations to my clients.  My aggressive nature is very apparent.  I may not mesh with everyone but I know I am respected by all that I work with.  Because I understand this about myself, I walk away from clients that “are not real”.  If I can tell a client is going to micromanage my expertise and not be realistic with their expectations then they are welcome to waste another agent’s time so I can take care of my loyal clients.

Everyone.  Probably the biggest reason for my success in a distressed market is diversification.  Those who were very specialized in their real estate practice are no longer around.  My expertise is real estate… that means all facets of real estate.  I work with first time home buyers and million dollar sellers.  I do commercial projects, farms, and represent several home builders.  I liken this philosophy to the “shoe store”.  Do I want to be just a shoe store or do I want to be a large department store that also sells shoes…

Take care,

Sean Moore REALTOR®
Sean Moore & Associates
RE/MAX Boone Realty
33 E. Broadway Suite 200
Columbia, MO 65203
Office (573) 876-2831
Text (573) 424-7420
Fax (573) 234-4743
Licensed in the State of Missouri


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